Clowning & Caring in Mexico!

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February 18-25, 2018 | Mexico City, Mexico

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A unique event with a unique program, in collaboration with the Gesundheit Institute and IBERO University of Mexico City.

Got clowning? Got design?

Humanitarian clowns bring a fresh perspective to situations of suffering. Humanitarian designers bring a fresh perspective to recurring social problems. Get an introduction to both with Patch Adams MD and the clowns-designers of the School for Designing a Society in one fun-filledthought-provoking week in Mexico City! In collaboration with IBERO University of Mexico City.

No previous clowning or designing experience required, this Clowning & Caring trip offers opportunities to clown in various institutions and workshops in addressing our desires for a more compassionate world.


The Experience

Be part of the group of international clowns that together, with a group of local clowns and university students, will explore humanitarian clowning and humanitarian design, with daily clown visits to hospitals, shelters, mental-health institutions and streets, and daily design groups, workshops, lectures. Patch Adams will be part of the group for 2 days.



Introduction to Humanitarian Clowning: A way to bring love close.

The Red Nose of Courage: if courage means doing the needed thing in the face of fear, when is clowning a courageous act?

Re-Designing the Character of the Care-Actor: an inquiry into the character of care-givers. How can we expand it? How can we protect it?

Listening: Experimental composition invites experiments in listening. Exploring the difficulties of listening, particularly in situations of social inequality.

Clown technique I: the Art of Making Small Things Big and Big Things Small. Sometimes stressful situations disturb our sense of proportion — and clowning can help us playfully restore our sense of what’s important. Desire statement exercises. A workshop in play and imagination.

Clown technique II: Role play with performers workshop. The art of engaging people through humor and performance techniques.

Synthesis of our week’s experience. Talk-back sessions: Have I changed? What’s my next step?


Patch Adams — entered medical school in 1967 to use medicine as a vehicle for social change; promotes and practices living a life of public joy as a revolutionary act; fount of ideas for avoiding burn-out in long-term social justice and health. Enthusiator.

Susan Parenti — composer, tap dancer, accordionist, activist. Familiar with the words “idealist’, ‘romantic’, ‘unrealistic’. Writes theater plays on how she wishes people would speak, rather than how they do actually speak.

Mark Enslin — composer, actor, bassoonist, guitarist, oud player, apprentice tabla player, listener, teaching composition facing the power of the respondent, assignment as an art form.

Dario Solina — composer, performer, writer, videomaker, communication designer, since 2010 performs his clown everywhere, every second; Vulnerability for Revolutionaries, teaches the art of Emphasis, MetaClowning maestro.

Further playful readings on clowning:



The detailed day-to-day itinerary of the trip will be available when we get closer to the event, but this is what a typical day looks like:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Travel by bus to clown at hospital, orphanage, or nursing home
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon activity (design groups, workshop, lecture)
  • Dinner
  • After dinner group activity

To Register

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